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Fastest Dental Crowns & Bridges


Dental crowns

It’s the perfect solution and acts as a cover for a cracked tooth, to make up for discoloration. They are the effective way to cover up your flaw and give the perfect smile. Crown is referred to a tooth-shaped cap that is kept on the affected tooth. It looks like our general teeth and can never be recognized.

The process of Crowning:

  • The affected area is given anesthesia so that the patient does not feel the pain. After 5 mins of injecting the anesthesia, the area around the tooth becomes numb. At this point, the tooth is filled and the cap is fitted over the tooth.
  • The impression is taken here in order to develop the crown which fits your tooth approximately. The impressions are provided to the laboratory where the crown is created. In the meanwhile, a temporary crown is placed over the tooth until the time the actual crown is made.
  • Once the crown is all set, all you need to do is come back to our clinic and we will get the crown fixed.

Dental Crown Benefits:

  • Crown placement can offer several benefits
  • Get to know the various benefits of Crown placements
  • Gives protection against further Decay and infections.
  • Makes you feel comfortable while Chewing and talking
  • High quality with long durability.
  • Gives an improved and a better smile.
  • Now smile openly without any dental issues.

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